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How can you create wizardry with a digital camera?



To create a distorted and eerie effect, try using an ultrawide lens. With this technique, straight lines will look curved. When combined with the Western landscape, it can create novel results. When you are back home at your computer, you can use sepia toning to create that old-timey look. This can be easily achieved with most software. If your image is in color, convert it to black and white. Then select and cover your image with a brownish tint. To make it even more old-fashioned looking, try blurring the image a little. You can also purchase infrared film, such as Kodak infrared 35 mm film, to create spectacular effects with color. This film is especially sensitive to the infrared part of the color spectrum and results in bluer blues and red, rather than green, foliage. To make the most of the film, you can also attach an infrared filter to your lens. Filters can be purchased at most camera shops. You will need to load the light-sensitive film in the dark and get it processed as soon as possible. You can also experiment with orange and yellow filters. Though colored films are expensive, they produce dramatic results.






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