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How can someone create surreal images with pinhole cameras?



Simply put, a pinhole camera is a camera without a lens. Pinhole cameras come in many sizes and are made of materials you can find at home or on vacation: oatmeal boxes, seashells, soda cans, long poster tubes, even vegetables and
vehicles. You will need any size or shape of container and black and white or color photographic paper. Drill a very small hole on one side of your container. Insert black-and-white film, color film or photographic paper into the container
opposite the hole. The hole allows a small beam of light to pass into the box to create an image on the photographic paper or film. You can expose the film for however long you like, from seconds to several hours. The film will need to be
developed in a darkroom. Pinhole cameras often alter or bend objects and landscapes. Distorted images can be either soft, sharp or folded in upon themselves. Different-sized objects (a shoe and a building, for example) in a single picture can appear to be the same size. The size and shape of your camera will also affect your results.


Here are some of photographs takes by pinhole cameras:






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