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How can you get that old-fashioned look by hand coloring photographs?



Before color photography was invented, people took black and white photographs and hand colored the prints for dramatic effect. You can achieve that same effect today. All you need is Black and white prints, preferably with a range of tonal values and few dark areas, on matte or semimatte paper, art pencils or crayons, watercolors, felt-tip pens, oil paints and a container of hot water. Wet the black and white print, either by submerging it in water or blotting it well with a damp cloth. Remember to keep the photograph wet throughout the project. Then color the image with art pencils, crayons or felt-tip pens, or with watercolor or oil paints, using brushes, cotton swabs, blotting paper or sponges. Don't be afraid to experiment. Felt-tip pens create a sharp-lined, dramatic look while watercolors leave behind a soft tint. Crayons give texture. Remember that lighter-colored areas of your photograph will show tinting more clearly.


Here is an example of hand coloring photography:


Original Photograph ~ Hand colored photograph







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