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How can you create a dreamscape with a polaroid transfer?

Polaroid transfer prints are made by applying a Polaroid negative to non- photographic paper, such as watercolor paper. It's a great way to capture the otherworldliness of a place like Bodie or Chloride. All you need is a Polaroid camera, some color peel-apart Polaroid film that are either 3x4, 4x5 or 8x10, watercolor paper, a container of hot water and a roller. About ten seconds after you take a picture with your Polaroid, peel apart the film and place the negative directly onto watercolor paper that has been dipped in water and blotted dry. Don't touch the negative, as heat from your fingers will create fog marks on the film. Using a roller, press the photograph onto the paper. After about two and a half minutes, pull away the Polaroid negative and see what image is left behind on the paper. Depending on the type and thickness of the paper, you may get anything from a photographic image to an impressionistic arrangement of subtle, attractive colors. Remember to carry a plastic garbage bag for disposal of wet negatives. Also, avoid skin or eye contact with the residual processing fluid.


Here are some more extraordinary photographs taken by using a polaroid transfer:






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