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What are some tips for beginner photographers?


The most important item on your tip checklist is to be well acquainted with your camera. Whether you have an automatic focus camera or a self-focusing SLR with all the latest bells and whistles it is very important to know what all the buttons are for. This may sound silly but it is a good idea to read any documentation that comes with your camera. You'd be surprised how many people try to take a picture by just pushing buttons. Imagine their surprise when they push a button and the film door pops open exposing the film to the world before its time. If you ever want to ruin a Kodak moment, that is a good way to do it. Before you try your hand at preserving posterity, invest in a roll or two of film and take some pictures around the house and yard. Take several photos of the same thing but do it at different distances, under different light conditions. If your camera has a flash, try a flash photo and non-flash photo. A very helpful thing to do when beginning your foray into photography is to keep notes on each photo you take. Unless you are aiming for a family portrait, the best photo's are the ones that are unplanned and unstaged. Once the subject of your photo knows the camera is about to click, they suddenly become the object folks think they want to show instead of being themselves. The animated, unknowing subject of a photograph is far more appealing and interesting than a posed subject.


What are the some tips for taking better pictures?


Here are five of the most important tips for better picture taking:

1. Shoot more pictures. All professional photographers know that the only way to come up with truly great shots is to take lots of pictures. Let go of the inner critic who wants to tell you that you're being wasteful. The practice will help you get better.

2. Hold still. Shooting photos is a lot like target practice. In order to hit the bull's-eye and capture a perfectly sharp image, it is important to hold the camera steady and not rush the shot. As most pros know, the best way to ensure
precise, sharp shots is to use a tripod.

3. Don't Stand too far away. If you're too far away, the background will overwhelm your real subject. Step in closer for a more intimate and dynamic picture with greater detail of what really counts, or zoom in so your subject fills the frame.

4. Avoid shooting into the sun. Another mistake many people make is to shoot with their subjects in front of the sun or other bright lights. This creates a silhouette and tons of contrast in the picture. Make sure you move your subjects around so the light is either directly on them and behind the photographer or at least to the side.

5. Fill the frame. exciting photographs fill the entire frame with their subject. Think of the whole rectangle of each photograph as your canvas. Also, experiment with cropping in on your subject, sometimes cutting out legs, the top of somebody's head, anything to create a more surprising composition.


What cameras are recommended for beginners?


Basically, any 35 mm camera would work for a beginner. Some specific cameras that are of excellent quality include: the Minolta Maxxum 5 QD Kit w/ Minolta 28-100 Lens, the Canon Elan 7 E Kit W/ Canon 28-90 USM Lens, the Canon Rebel TI Kit W/ Canon 28-90 Lens, and much more. You can surf the internet to find just the right one for you.



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